About this book

Gill Hutchison (1946-2015)


Littlest Magpie and the Star  is published in memory of its author, Gill Hutchison. Gill was the author of many children’s books and the gorgeous Littlest Magpie and the Star was written for her grand-daughter, Thea.

Gill was a wonder. She was a much loved teacher for many years and a never-ending source of support, fun and inspiration. Her rude Christmas crackers, thoughtfully handmade each year for our children’s writers Christmas party, were the stuff of legend. Gill was a multi-talented writer of picture book texts through to teen novels. Her inspiration lay in folklore and family and her huge sense of fun and absolute joy in life. She was determined to learn her writing craft and she had that thing which all writers need – staying power.

Unfortunately, despite growing interest in her work, her death came too early to see this interest translated into published work. Gill was always the cheerleader. Her enthusiasm for individual achievements was so much a part of who she was. It was like having the proudest mum ever on your side, always. She enjoyed her friends’ every writing achievement, so here are her friends enjoying just one of Gill’s writing achievements.

Money raised from the sale of The Littlest Magpie will be donated to the National Literacy Trust